◆1/11 ゴアトランス新年会 ॐ Nu Year Goa Trance Party 2020 ~Return 2 the Source~
@Koenji Cave (Goa Trance set)
◆3/20 T.B.A.@Beijing
(Goa Trance set) ▲postponed
◆3/28 舞@Niigata Club seven(Goa Trance set)  ▲postponed
◆4/30 SYNVISION@Bonobo ▲postponed
◆5/8 Save Koenji Cave! Dj & Live streaming + Talk ~Final Session~ 配信@Koenji Cave (Goa Trance set)
◆5/9 ॐ Girls GOA "604" Night ॐ @Koenji Cave (Goa Trance set)  ▲postponed
◆6/5-7 Seekers Open Air Party 2020@Autocamp Ginga (Goa Trance set&Ambient set) ▲postponed
◆6/25 Stay Home Session Vol.7 Powered by Color @Live Streaming (Ambient Downtempo Set)
​◆7/18 GOA Trance PARTY ॐ @Koenji Cave (Goa Trance set)


◆1/1 Koenji Cave presents Countdown 2018-2019@Koenji CAVE (Goa trance set) 
◆2/9 FUNKY GONG x Tsuyoshi Suzuki "Double Release Party" Co:Fusion@Koenji Cave
(Rock BtoB set with Jun Jikooha)
◆3/2 Green Magic Club Edition with MDC Presents@UNIT / UNICE (Chill Freestyle set)
◆3/30 PsychotoroBeat CYLON Jikooha Growth Of Psychedelics Release Party
@Shizuoka Coa (Goa trance set)
◆4/13-14 山魂祭 Mountain Spirit Festival 2019 (ヤマトタマシイの祭)
@Yamanashi Secret (Goa trance set)
◆4/20 HAPPY 420 ॐ Spring GOA trance ॐ@Koenji Cave (Goa trance set)
◆5/5 Koenji cave Afternoon tea party-わんちゃんと一緒午後のお茶会-@Koenji Cave (Ambient set)
◆6/1 Forever Psychedelic Ⅲ ~ Tsuyoshi Suzuki 6 hours ~ Deck Wizards@Koenji Cave (Dance Rock set)
◆6/13 SYMVISION@Bonobo (Ambient set)
◆6/15 Funland Disco@Koenji Cave (Freaky Goa trance set)
◆6/29 JIKOOHA NIGHT!@Koenji Cave (Goa trance set)

◆8/1   SYNVISION@Harajuku bonobo (Goa trance set)

◆8/24 Daze Maze@Namesawa Camp village (Freestyle Ambient set)

◆9/14 Clematis 〜旅人の喜び〜@Somewhere in Kanto region (Freestyle Ambient set)
◆10/31 SYNVISION@Harajuku bonobo (Trance set)
◆11/2 TRYP ~うばるたまるはいぱあ~@Koenji Cave (
Freestyle Ambient set)
◆11/30 Koenji Cave 10 Years Anniversary feat. Tsuyoshi Suzuki (New Wave
& Dance Rock set)
◆12/30 《The Souls Transmigration~ Koenji Cave End of Year 2019~》@Koenji Cave (Goa Trance 3h set)


◆1/1 Koenji Cave presents Countdown 2017-2018(Goa trance set)
◆1/27 PANORAMA Records presents パノラマ新年會@Koenji CAVE(Jikooha Dj set & Lounge Rock set)
◆3/3 Den of Tanatos vol.6@Koenji CAVE(Goth&New wave set)
◆3/17 सीमा बिंदु Birthday bash~Blaking bindo~@Koenji CAVE(Goa trance set)
◆4/14-15 山魂祭*ヤマトタマシイのマツリ*@Secret(Goa trance set&Ambient set)
◆4/28 Primal Impulse @Kichijoji Cheeky(Rock set)
◆5/2 Den of Tanatos vol.7@Koenji CAVE(Goth&New wave set)
◆5/25-27 Seekers 2018@八ヶ岳美し森ロッジ(Ambient set)
◆6/2 Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Forever Psychedelic Tour in TOKYO - @Koenji CAVE (New Wave set)
◆6/30 Puzzle Session@Koenji CAVE (Ambient set)
◆7/8 オーガニック”泥フェス” Mud Land Fest 2018@たがやす倶楽部(Goa trance set)
◆8/11-12 LEF Open Air@Secret (Goa trance set)
◆8/18  Puzzle Session Vol.2@Koenji CAVE (Goa trance set)
◆9/7-9 〜〜音風2018〜〜@Secret (Goa trance set)
◆9/21-23 Earthdance Fukushima 2018@獏原人村(Goa trance set & Ambient set)

◆10/13-14 Grasshopper Records & Disc Junkey 10th Anniversary Outdoor party

@おおばキャンプ村 (Ambient set)
◆11/3 〓FACTθRY〓〓 Vol.5 -2th Anniversary- 森羅万象@渋谷CLUB AISIA (Dance rock set & Goa trance set)
◆11/17 Chillout Mountain@Secret(Ambient set)
◆12/1 Forever Psychedelic II - Tsuyoshi Suzuki 6 hrs set - @Koenji CAVE(New Wave BtoB with Jun Jikooha)